Our pledge for a more responsible tourism and the development of our Luxury+ experiences for guests and villa owners

Sep. 2023 - Dec. 2024



From our very inception, Inspiring Living Solutions (ILS) has been driven by a vision that transcends mere luxury – it’s about Luxury+. This vision harmonizes with our commitment to minimize our environmental footprint and uplift the well-being of the local communities in which we operate. We firmly believe that responsible practices in tourism are not just a duty but an integral part of our core values.

Our engagement is rooted in the recognition that we must:

  • Forego short-term interests for the long-term prosperity and harmony of our people and the communities we touch.
  • Embrace the imperative of transitioning towards a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.
  • Nurture a spirit of collaboration with all partners along our supply chain.
  • Forge decisions that serve the interests of all stakeholders, transcending the bottom line.

In early 2023, the Inspiring Group took the lead by introducing QALIA, the pioneering Responsible Tourism standard for Luxury Vacation Rentals through our sister company. This framework, aligned with the GSTC industry standard and underpinned by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, laid the foundation for our journey.

Equipped with this knowledge and an early commitment to our industry, the ILS Board of Directors initiated a transformative agenda for the company and properties, focusing on four central themes during the operational period spanning 2023 and 2024. We are equally committed to openly share our progress, successes, and areas for improvement after the initial 16 months of implementation.

1. Environmental Stewardship: “Preserving Thailand’s Natural Beauty”
In the heart of Thailand’s most exquisite natural landscapes, we pledge to minimize our ecological footprint with these actions:

  • Digitizing our entire guest experience through online guidebooks.
  • Drastically reducing waste and packaging in our supply chain.
  • Eliminating single-use plastics from our guest services.
  • Transitioning from plastic to refillable glass water bottles.
  • Providing reusable bags to guests during their shopping excursions.
  • Using eco-friendly, homemade, or responsibly sourced cleaning products.
  • Ensuring a minimum of three recycling bins in each villa.
  • Maximizing the circulation of recyclable products.
  • Encouraging guests to opt for a less frequent towel and linen changes to conserve water and reduce pollution.
  • Creating a benchmark for measuring carbon footprints and setting targets for emissions reduction.
  • Installing refillable bathroom product dispensers.
  • Converting at least 80% of light bulbs to LED technology in all villas.
  • Replacing plastic signage within villas with sustainable alternatives.
  • Prioritizing recycled or upcycled products in our procurement processes.
  • Seek innovative solutions to reduce water and energy usage within our villas.

2. Community Engagement: “Empowering Local Communities”
We are passionately committed to enhancing the well-being of the communities surrounding our villas. This commitment includes:

  • Establishing a plan to donate a portion of the revenue from each booking to one or more vetted local charities.
  • Collecting clothing donations from guests to support a vetted local charity.
  • Transparently showcasing and promoting local suppliers to our guests and fellow businesses.
  • Partnering with local entities offering low-carbon experiences, activities, and tours to enhance guest experiences.
  • Supporting organizations and suppliers that share our values and dedication.
  • Incentivizing guests to jointly support our work with the community.
  • Exclusively offering locally sourced, natural, or organic bathroom amenities.
  • Nurturing local talent by employing and training local staff, and empowering them with skills on sustainable practices
  • Contributing to local education and healthcare initiatives.

3. Responsible Tourism: “Cultural Respect and Ethical Tourism”
We promote responsible tourism practices that honor Thailand’s diverse cultures and heritage:

  • Educating guests about Thai customs and traditions.
  • Encouraging responsible wildlife encounters and conservation.
  • Advising guests on appropriate attire and respectful behavior at cultural sites.
  • Promote local artisans and cultural events.
  • Collaborating with authorities to prevent illegal activities that may impact tourism.
  • Showcasing Thailand’s culinary heritage through locally sourced, vegan, vegetarian, organic, and health-conscious menus prepared by our in-villa chefs.

4. Luxury+ Experiences: “Conscious Luxury for All”
We firmly believe that luxury is evolving to embrace consciousness, catering to the evolving expectations of our guests:

  • Educating our guests on sustainable practices and encouraging their active participation.
  • Promoting villas equipped with accessible facilities for guests with reduced mobility.
  • Encouraging off-peak travel and longer stays, offering enhanced value.
  • Refraining from using manipulative marketing tactics (hard discounts) in favor of delivering genuine value that benefits the local community.
  • Welcoming guests from diverse backgrounds, orientations, and identities through partnerships with luxury villas specialist agencies.
  • Implementing stringent health and safety protocols at our properties.
  • Promoting wellness programs and services for our guests.
  • Developing dedicated partnerships with luxury villa agencies that promote more responsible and sustainable properties
  • Advocating conscious luxury through luxury travel & lifestyle media

By adhering to these four core themes, ILS is dedicated to setting the standard for responsible luxury villa management in Asia. Through QALIA, our commitment to the GSTC industry criteria and the 17 SDGs will guide our actions as we continuously aspire to elevate sustainable and responsible practices in the luxury hospitality sector.

Sustainability isn’t a mere aspiration; it’s the cornerstone upon which we craft extraordinary experiences for our guests, elevate the communities we engage with, and safeguard the natural magnificence that has made Thailand a global treasure.


ILS is committed to becoming a leader in sustainable luxury villa hospitality, setting a standard of excellence for our industry. We will regularly review, update and report on this Manifesto to ensure that we meet and exceed the criteria we set forth and contribute to the betterment of our stakeholders. 

Our commitment to sustainability is in our DNA, and we invite our guests, team members, partners, and the community to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and impactful future.